Our Mission: Adopt, Don’t Shop

To meet the real-life Indy is to love the real-life Indy! But, did you know that Indy is a shelter dog?

Yep, her pack leaders adopted her from the Kern County Animal Shelter! And she’s been thanking them every since — by being the BEST DOG EVER!

But really, there are so many animals in your local shelter who need a good home. If you’re considering adding a new furry member to your pack, remember Indy’s story about wanderin’ the streets of her hometown. She found her fur-ever home, but her family found forever love ... Please consider “adopt, don’t shop” a shelter animal today!

Thank you for supporting the Indy, Oh Indy adventure series — “Wanderin’ the Streets of Bakersfield” and “Pismo or Bust!”

Your purchase helps us fund the ability to donate free copies to the Bakersfield SPCA and the Kern County Animal Shelter (and additional donations for other animal rescue efforts), so they can sell them at 100 percent profit.

If you would like to help a shelter animal and sponsor a direct donation to one of these agencies in Indy’s name, please contact us at: 661-444-4935 or tadamo0512@gmail.com