School Visits: Indy, Oh Indy can wander your way!

The creators of the Indy, Oh Indy children’s book series — author Teresa Adamo and illustrator Jennifer Williams-Cordova — absolutely love to connect with their Indy Pack via school visits!

But we don’t just read one of our books — we combine an author and illustrator reading with an educational opportunity.

By sharing the behind-the-scene story about our books, we give students an overall lesson on how a book becomes a book. Our multimedia PowerPoint presentation also takes the kids through the Indy, Oh Indy experience in a way that teaches them local history, both current and from long ago.

Some of the Bakersfield and Kern County references and images in our books portray places that no longer exist in our community. To keep that past alive, however, we gladly share these nuggets of information with the more than 10,000 students we’ve visited so far!

Because of current COVID-19 restrictions to on-campus visitors at public schools, we are happy to work with you on scheduling into 2022 or even the 2022-23 school year. If you want to set up our program for a private school that does allow visitors, we are open to that possibility. Just let us know what dates you have in mind!

We can also customize your package to include small-group sessions for older students with a special interest in writing, illustrating or both. (Ask us about these workshops as well as our school-wide programs.)

Packages start at just $250.

Note: We are happy to work with Parent Clubs and school librarians to schedule our program for an entire school or different class levels. We also offer a convenient Indy, Oh Indy book preorder process, free coloring sheets and free local deliveries (drop-offs are no charge; shipping can be arranged for our normal shipping costs).

Call/text Teresa Adamo at: 661-444-4935 for more information and to “book” your school’s Indy, Oh Indy visit today!